sabato 28 febbraio 2015

#3 Youtube, 5 reasons to become an exchange student (English video)

Hey guys, as I wrote four days ago, here's a new video! Nothing is happening but I really don't want my channel not to be updated, and so, here is it!
Still sorry for my bad English, but it will get better once I'll leave for the States. 
I decided to shoot this video now (Though I'm not left yet) because I noticed lots of people can't get the pros of being an exchange student! 
My face was a mess, but I was just got back from school and I was pretty tired, hope you don't mind ahah
btw, I have just 2 days left and I'll be in Edinburgh for a school trip. This is getting so exciting, I really cannot wait to be there! I'll probably shoot a short vlog, what do you think about that? 

The video took ages to be updated, but I hope you enjoy it!

I heard my friend Dede reads this blog and watches my video.. Ive never been that embarrassed before. 

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