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#25 Lettera alla family & risultati ELTiS

Non sono morta, semplicemente sono quasi deceduta a causa della scuola.
Dal titolo penso che l'avrete capito, ho finalmente scritto la fatidica lettera.
 Una volta spedita a Youabroad arriverà a CIEE e dà lì inizierà la vera ricerca. Tantissime famiglie leggeranno la mia lettera, e a coloro che piacerò di più, capiterò bruscamente in casa scombussolando la vita. Ok scherzo, o forse no.
Comincio col dire che sono in un immenso ritardo con l'application per motivi burocratici. a quanto pare, ai medici di famiglia italiani non è richiesta la conoscenza dell'inglese e per tanto, prendono giusto un po' di tempo per completare le due facciate a loro competenti.. Ma sopratutto, il sito della CIEE non voleva salvare le mie informazioni nel form online, quindi sono due settimane che provo a riempire la scheda senza successo. La cosa buona è che tutti i medici, sebbene io abbia qualche acciacco, mi hanno consigliato molto l'esperienza e sono felici che parta.

Passiamo nel vivo, questa è la mia lettera alla host family. L'ho fatta abbastanza "di fretta". Ci ho messo tantissime ore perché organizzazione mentale zero. Ne sono piuttosto soddisfatta, avrei voluto scrivere altre nozioni su di me o su quello che vorrei fare negli States, ma avevo già sforato di circa una facciata e mezza di word (indicativamente doveva essere di una pagina)... Diciamo che se arrivano alla fine, significa che a loro interesso. 
Ho cercato di mettere qualsiasi cosa su di me, ho chiesto a tutti se mancasse qualcosa, ma per ora tutto quello che è uscito dalla mia testolina è qui.
E' personale, quindi vedete di non copiarla o vi castro.

"Dear future host family, 
I don't know who you are, where you come from or your ancestries; but I know, I know for sure that I won’t ever be able to giveback the opportunity you are going to give me. 
I’m Gloria, I’m a sixteen years old girl and I’m from that boot-shaped country on the other side of the planet.. Of course, I’m italian!
I live in Cremona, a lovely town in Northern Italy; Cremona is wonderful, I love my city: it is full of history and gorgeous monuments. In the mayor square you can find our beautiful cathedral and the Torrazzo (which is the highest clock-building made by bricks of the whole Europe). That’s not all, Cremona is also one of the best cities in the world for violins and luthiers. In fact, our town gave births to lots of members of the Amati family and the great Stradivarius. 
Lately the climate in Cremona is so strange because during summer it rains and now, December,it’s quite “hot” (18 celsius degrees). I love our river Po but I hate humidity, it gives us incredibles landscapes, but also a high rate of dampness (especially in summer   when it’s about to be 38 degrees) and sometimes it gives me problem because I feel like I can’t breathe and so, I have to stay indoor; this is why during our summer break I usually leave for the UK or the mountains. I love cold (well, actually I love hot chocolate), but I also like going to the seaside and eating ice creams … I’m weird, I know it. The most important thing is that I keep far from hot & humidity, because this mix literally kills me (just teasing, but not at all. ) I mean, I fancy every type of climate, but if I had to choose, I’d choose a sunny place, full of people, where I can make snowmen on Christmas day! 
Well, stop talking about the weather and let’s start talking about my family! My family is made up by three people: my mom, my dad and me. My dad is a forty-seven years old man. He’s called Marco and he works in his own bakery in the center of our town. My mom is called Morena and she’s.. I won’t tell you or she will kill me (okay, she’s 45, but it's a secret between me and you.) She works as an healthcare operator in a private hospital. 
Actually this is not my real household because I haven’t spoken yet about my grandmother. She’s not just a relative she’s a real part of our family. Her name is Graziella, she’s from the 50s and she’s the one who has grown me up in who I am today. Since my parents were always at work, I’ve spent time with her since I was born. She supports me in everything I do and in every decision I take… She has always wanted the best for me. She’s a really altruist and full of balminess woman. She’s taught me tons of things: from practical stuff like cooking to more important things like taking the right way in my life. She always says “There is no price for doctrine, you won’t ever waste money if you spend it in education because no matter what, you will always learn something new.” And so, this is the reason why I’m here writing this letter to you.
Oh yes.. I forgot to talk about me. People, especially my friends, are used to call me Glow (this is the nickname my mom gave me when I was younger). I’m really friendly, I like spending time with people, but sometimes I like staying alone and just thinking about what is happening or what decisions should I take. I'm pretty funny, I love laughing but when it comes to be serious, I'm the most serious of the group.. But there is always time for a smile with me.  
I’m attending the third year of a languages high school, where I study English, Spanish, French and clearly, Italian. My favorite subjects are English, philosophy, art history and Italian literature. I’ve studied philosophy and art history just for 3 months, but i totally fell in love with them both. And then there is English. I date on this language since I was a little girl and I used to sing High School Musical songs. I think I’ve reached a good level of English for an Italian 16 years old, but I really want to improve it and discover more about people who speak it. During these years I’ve been many times to England: I visited London, Canterbury, Brighton, Dover, Stratford Upon Avon (the hometown of Shakespeare) and Cambridge. Last summer I went two weeks to Dublin with a bunch of friends and our English teacher and I frequented an English class where we learnt more about Irish culture… it was so interesting! And next march I’m going with my school to Edinburgh for a school trip and then to Poland (to visit places from the Second World War). 
I didn’t use to study so much in the past years… I didn’t find subjects interesting and I was like “Yes, I have to study this just for a mark”, but I discovered how beautiful is studying and I do it with passion, not just for marks, but for me, to my personal culture and to know more about our own reality. 
Unfortunately, I have to study a lot to have great marks and I do not have a lot of free time to spend. When I was younger I practiced a lot of sport. I started with gymnastics when I was so so young, about 4 years old, but I had to stop when I was 8 because I had an important surgery at my eyes. Meanwhile, at the elementary school I used to practice athletics and basketball. Last but not least, I used to go rowing two years ago, but going everyday to the gym it was too binding and I didn’t have time to study so I decided to stop and focus more on school. Sometimes I regret it because I really liked go rowing, but you know, school is more important. 
Although now I’m not used to practice any sport, I like watching it. When I was younger every Sunday afternoon I used to go to the soccer match with my dad… I enjoyed myself a lot! 
I love photography, it’s incredible how just a shoot can remind you a story,a special moment… Even the quality it’s not that good, it doesn’t matter. I try to catch every little detail I find in a day, maybe one day that little this will be a special memory for me. 
I mostly photograph nature, buildings and monuments…  especially when I travel and I visit a different place from what I see everyday. I want people to see what I see. I want them to discover what I discovered. 
I love traveling because it allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and break free from your daily routine. We have an incredible planet and, in my opinion, it would be a waste of time spend our days in just one place, it’d be like keeping hands on our eyes from the world around us. I try to visit as many places as I can because I know they will always change my point of view and make me grow as a person. 
I strongly hope I’ll have the chance to visit lots of cities in the US, from the east coast (which is full of history) to the dreamed west coast… it would be a pleasure! As I told you, I love history and art… Behind our cities there are so many stories, and I want to discover them all. Next may I’m going to Rome with my mom for my departure orientation and I really can’t wait to visit the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain! 
Whatever,I believe the most important thing you should know about me is that I'm very found of music! I really go crazy for it! I listen to music all day long. 
I also used to play the piano when I was younger (yes, I used to do lots of things in the past ahah) and sing in the school choir. I love singing but unfortunately you can’t study it at your high school in Italy (except if you’re attending a music high school, but they teach just lyrical singing and I do not like it that much), you have to go to a music school, which is usually really expensive...  so I keep singing in the shower. 
I really love going to concerts, I went to One Direction’s tour at the San Siro stadium last june and to Arena di Verona an year ago for their very first concert in Italy. Another group I support is 5 Seconds of Summer; the first time I went to one of their concerts was last march in London, then I saw them in Milan in April (for a promotional concert) and three times in June: one for their radio tour, one at they singing session and the last one on June 28th (when they were opening One Direction concert at the San Siro). And yes, I went to the X Factor final last year with my friends (it was totally insane!)
I believe music can connect people from all around the world, with different languages, traditions, skin color and story; because, it doesn't matter who you are, but those people perfectly know how you feel in that moment even they don't know you… And this is why I hope I'll be able to go to some concerts in the States!
I like listening to very different types of music, as you can see I like pop music, but I also love bands like Bon Jovi and Arctic Monkeys, or singers like Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran (I’m secretly going to marry him, but do not tell anyone), Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. My mom strongly supports this passion because she was a fangirl too (she is still a fangirl, another secret, keep it!) and this is why I really get on with her. Since the beginning she’s taken me to Milan to meet my favorite artists because she can clearly see how happy I am, and as long as I’m happy, so she is. 
And now, this is finally the end of this letter. I just want you to know that I’m not going to spend a holiday in the US; this exchange is the occasion that can really change my life expanding my horizons. 
I do not want just learn about American culture, I want to go deep in it and discover what really it is. 
I’d like to leave you something about Italy, because I love my country and, in my opinion, I could hand on to you lots of things about European culture. I want to tell you more about our cities, our history… and well, even our food. Leaving my own country for the United States and knowing that so far away there are people waiting for me it’s incredible; I can’t ever explain how glad I am for this all. I can’t wait to be there with you. 

I’m not looking for a simple family, I am looking for THE family. 

Best wishes, Gloria. "
Sicuramente ci saranno degli errori grammaticali o lessicali, ma ho cercato di dare veramente il meglio di me.

Cambiando discorso, ho ricevuto la scorsa settimana i risultati dello slep test! Non è andato male, ho fatto 5 errori, ma nemmeno benissimo. Ho fatto 45/50; probabilmente avrò sbagliato la parte lessicale dato che alcune parole proprio non le conoscevo.  Comunque dai, va bene.
(Se volete sapere com'è strutturato andate qui, mentre per i vari punteggi, i quali vi assicuro sono ultra confusionari, cliccate sul blog di Ginevra, ha riportato tutti i vari risultati!)

Devo ammettere che vi ho liquidato velocemente, la verità è che devo studiare per l'interrogazione di spagnolo sulla Spagna per giovedì e sono ultra indietro.

Un bacio, alla prossima!

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